Dr. Tanja Bihr

Dr. Tanja Bihr is an Associate Veterinarian at the Wellesley Veterinary Clinic.

She graduated from the Atlantic Veterinary College at the University of Prince Edward Island in 2002, and completed a one year equine internship outside of London, Ontario, before she arrived in Wellesley.

Dr. Bihr’s family is in Riverview, New Brunswick, but she has come to love south-western Ontario and the people here, and has chosen to set down roots here.    In her spare time, she is very much a fan of the outdoors and exploring the world.   She enjoys hiking and travelling, as well as reading novels, watching movies, and spending time with friends. Dr. Bihr splits her time between treating small companion animals in Wellesley, and working with equine companions for the Milverton-Wellesley Veterinary Services.

There was never any question as to what Dr. Bihr would be doing with her life. She grew up in Germany and knew from the time she was a very small child that she wanted to be a doctor for animals. Dr. Bihr never waivered in the pursuit of her dream, and managed to complete Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees before ending her schooling with a DVM degree and an internship. Dr. Bihr grew up with dogs, cats, and horses throughout her childhood and youth, and has shared her home with several beloved feline companions over the past few years.     Dr. Bihr is an extremely compassionate veterinarian and cares very much about the welfare, happiness, and well-being of her patients and their human families.   Dr. Bihr has expressed that she is very happy and grateful to work with such an incredible team of support staff and fellow veterinarians at the Wellesley Veterinary Clinic.