Chiropractic Treatment

How Equine Chiropractic Works:

The bones of the spine and joints are maintained in a specific alignment.  The nerves which surround each joint and vertebral articulation are in constant communication with the central nervous system, brain, and all organs. When even a subtle change in the alignment occurs, it is called a subluxation. Subluxations affect the nervous system, local muscles, joints and even distant organs, glands, and body functions.

How Can You Adjust a Horse?

With equine chiropractic care the practitioner is not adjusting a horse, but rather the relative position of two bones at a joint articulation.

Will an Adjustment Hurt?

Most horses accept both the exam and adjustment without signs of pain.

What To Expect After An Adjustment:

After a 24-hour rest, many horses will show improvement.   Sometimes there is a 24-48 hour period of tiredness.  Some horses require a few sessions to resolve acute pain.

Indications for Chiropractic Care

  • Athletic competitions – getting the competitive edge;
  • Surgery involving anesthesia;
  • Recovery from injury;
  • Behavior or mood change when ridden;

Tendency to be head shy, cinchy, reluctant to pick up a lead or go in one direction, pulling one way or hair color or pattern change along the body;

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